Tuesday, 15 May 2012

To-To's Dream, development

To-To's Dream (WIP)

I've worked on the face a bit in the last few days and also started to develop the background. Something that I have noticed is that by photographing my work and viewing it on screen, it is easier to make decisions about where to go next with it. The background definitely needs more work and so does the hairline and sides of the face.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

To-To's Dream

To-To's Dream

A new WIP. Based again on Esme. This photo shows work in it's very early stages, the first wash has been applied, I worked loosely with this, using acrylic like watercolour. I also thought carefully about the colour palette I wanted to use. This piece explores ideas of children's imaginations. I wonder what Esme will think of all my paintings of her when she's older?

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The Haunting

The Haunting
Experimenting with a more loose style. I am quite pleased with this study and particularly pleased that it only took a few hours to create. The left eye is a bit dodgy but I feel, for a quick experiment it's not bad. This was created by painting the face directly onto the background without any under drawing/tracing to follow so if I were to do a finished outcome I would need to find a way of mapping the main elements of the piece out. Esme (my personal art critic) said it looked spooky. It does a bit. I seem to be drawn to quite melancholic faces. I'm not too sure about the colours either but still, I'm trying not to over analysis my art or be too critical, just produce, explore, learn and move on. This way, hopefully I won't become disheartened and hopefully my work will continue to develop. Also did you notice, I've tried to think of a title. It's so hard, well I find it hard, and I think titles are really important. Hopefully my titles will improve too!

Saturday, 5 May 2012

No time to practise practice.....

A work in progress, supposedly, however, these days, most of my wip's stay as wip's! Felt inspired to paint at 10pm last night, and did so until 11.30....not good when you then get woken at 5.30 by 6mth old! Lately I'm enjoying getting a glowy iridescent sheen to my portraits and figures...I really do need to see some of these pieces through till the end though! Having started to work using oil on paper again, means I can be less precious over my work and let it naturally evolve. I asked Esme if she thought it looked like her and she replied, "No....I don't have a purple face". Good art critique from a 3 year old if you ask me! On reflection, I think she has a point, and I need to slightly cool down some of the colours used. Lots needs doing to it...hairline and hair in particular. Maybe I'll get the urge to do more tonight, or maybe I'll just have a beer, watch some Saturday night trash t.v. and fall asleep on the sofa....sounds like bliss!